Prologue and Part 1 - The Past is Right Behind You

basf sm90 tapeOver twenty songs are referenced in Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World. Some you may know, some you may not. Click on the section you're reading and all will be explained. (Not to be confused with my imaginary soundtrack, which includes thousands of perfect tunes, some of which can be found on 65 80s Songs.)


Cinnamon Toast and The Past is Right Behind You

smiley toast iStock 000017595805XSmall(Prologue and Chapters 1-8)

Begins in a nostalgic mood with some tunes from Stephen's 70s childhood and slowly drifts into the awkwardness of 1986.

Prologue - Cinnamon Toast

 pages 7-8

"I heard a rush of water in the sink downstairs, chirps of cupboard doors opening and closing. My mother. A smart little clack as she loaded the tape player on the counter with her favourite Sunday-morning music: the Velvet Underground with 'Sunday Morning'."

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning

Chapter 1

pages 20-21

"A little smile, my mother was almost blushing. She took both Dylan's warm pink hands in hers and they swayed and bobbed to the song on the record player – 'S.O.S.', Dylan's favourite."

* If you were a kid in the 70s, this was on the turntable. Presented here with nostaligia-inducing pictures which appear to be straight from some guy's record collection. Thanks, whoever you are.

Abba - S.O.S

page 22

"When it was dark, Stanley took out his guitar. I sang with him. 'Satellite of Love' was our favourite because I liked the part about 'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday'."

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love


Chapter 3

page 43

"Sometimes I'd be in my room, doing my Saturday-morning impression of an abandoned corpse, and I'd look up to see her sitting on the edge of my bed – shuffling through my cassettes, creaking open the little plastic cases and unfolding the lyric sheets. 'Love is a Stranger,' she read out once, in a puzzled monotone. 'Okay. So this one's about love in a car waiting to kidnap you, I guess. Well, that's interesting. But kind of sad, don't you think?'"

The Eurythmics - Love Is a Stranger


Chapter 5

page 71

"Lana lunged for the volume knob on her tape player. 'Oh, my God, this is the best song ever! He pushes his daughter down a well and then hangs himself. You'll love it.'"

* Lana is referring to this song. Big thanks to whoever posted it on Youtube.

Violent Femmes - Country Death Song


Chapter 7

page 99

"We were deep into 1986. The superpowers were still stockpiling weapons and aiming them at each other, but Sting wrote a song about it, so that was okay. I'd sing the song at Mom to bug her because it was about Russians."

* Stephen's mother is of Russian/Ukrainian descent, so I imagine this would be fairly annoying.

Sting - Russians


page 101

"We'd all just been thrown out of another Legion Hall dance in Arnottville, and Mark was reeling around the parking lot yelling at girls, while me and Stacey tried to keep him from falling on his face. You could hear music from the Legion, fuzzy and muffled like something underwater –that song I never liked about patio lanterns."

* I wasn't crazy about it myself. But if you lived in Eastern Canada in 1986, for one summer it was inescapable.

Kim Mitchell - Patio Lanterns