Part 4 - The Last Days of Riverside

The Last Days of Riverside toast cnc 2

(Chapters 19-25)

A love song enjoyed by moms, the prom, some terrible radio car radio romance.





Chapter 19

page 241

"My mother told me she'd had 'a very nice time last night'. But that was all she'd say. She threw open the front door and let in a bright blast of June sunshine, humming a chipper little tune that turned out to be Steve Winwood, 'Higher Love'."

* It strikes me as a love song a mother would like.

Steve Winwood - Higher Love


page 258

"Lana and I hit the dance floor, improvised a demented tango to 'The Sun Always Shines on TV'. And for a while I didn't give a fuck what anybody thought of me."

A-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV


Chapter 22

page 286

"Gauges and dials glowed on the dashboard. The truck was filled with the sounds of Jefferson Starship singing 'Sara'.

'I wish I was dead.'"

* Not my favourite either, but it certainly takes me back. Once upon a time, these guys were the Jefferson Airplane.

Jefferson Starship - Sara