Part 5 - The New World

The New WorldCinnamon Toast and the End of the World by Janet E Cameron

(Chapters 26-29)

A dance hit, some light radio ruin, and the final word.









Chapter 26

page 327

"Above us, the restaurant's sound system struggled into life. Janet Jackson was telling us to wait a while, before it was too late, before we went too far. They used to play Chinese music in here when I was a kid."

* All over the radio in the summer of 1987.

Janet Jackson - Let's Wait a While


Chapter 27

page 338

"On Fridays we'd go to the campus pub and jump up and down in the little sweaty dance area to New Order and REM, the whole group leaning into each other and yelling the words to 'Bizarre Love Triangle' in a drunken slur."

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle


Chapter 28

page 373

"I swung myself into the car and pulled onto the highway, blasting 'Fields of Fire' out the windows. Guitars that sounded like bagpipes."

This song is the last one mentioned in the book and appears on the last page. It's also the number one song on65 80s Songs.

To hear it, just click!