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Welcome! In this space I will be blogging about my astounding five city tour of Canada to promote Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World! Thrill to the exploits of a forty-ish first time novelist as I...fall asleep on friends' couches while watching children's DVDs! Stare, baffled, at public transit maps! Wander around grocery stores looking for that kind of tea I used to like! A captivating time awaits...

Nova Scotia - The End

Whew! Wednesday, May 22, was quite a day. At six am I was waking up in Toronto and halifax nsby 1 pm I was at the Chicken Burger in Bedford having lunch with my mother and my Aunt Judy. It was wonderful to be back in the Maritimes, even if all I could think about was grabbing a nap before the launch at the Company House in Halifax that night. But before I knew it, it was time to zip up the gold boots again and get moving. The launch was scheduled for 6 pm.



It's all a blur now, but here's what I remember...tumblr lx59alZrHA1qc0cteo1 500

I got in to Toronto after a five-hour, airless, foodless flight on Saturday and before I knew it, I was in Mississauga having dinner with my eternally youthful friend from Bridgetown's family, staring incredulously at children I remembered as rolling on the floor poking each other in the eye – or in one case, sitting helpless and drooling, with no hair and teeth – who were now school age and tall and asking me serious questions about writing. I guess you could say it had been a while.


May 15, 2013calgary-ab-canada1

Yesterday I left the lovely city of Edmonton and took a Red Arrow coach to the lovely city of Calgary. I'd never been here before, but unfortunately, all I can now recall of my first impression of this city is the inside of the Unicorn Pub, where I had a reunion with two fellow Nova Scotians and a nice big plate of perogies.



This all feels like it happened weeks ago, but write it I must, as Yoda would say. Well, on my last night in Calgary I ate a big pile of smelly, greenishVancouver Panoramic-view chicken wings - they were very good - at a pub with the mad genius Brendan Richardson, and we spent a long time debating whether to hassle actor Colm Meaney who was having a quiet drink with friends at the bar. He was wearing 'nobody knows it's me' glasses, so I decided against it. That's about as glamourous as this tour's gotten so far. But...


May 11, 2013Edmonton

Okay, first of all, don't mess with jetlag, especially if you're old like me. Three days into this odyssey and I'm still falling asleep at the dinner table, napping at noon, out cold by 10 o'clock. Edmonton is seven hours behind Dublin. So far this feels like a 'stumbling around shaking the gravedirt off my shoulders and eating brains' kind of tour, but I'm hoping I'll perk up eventually.

Edmonton is warm and sunny, and there are actual bunny rabbits frolicking on the lawns beside my sister's house.


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