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I think this one's mostly for family and friends, although interested (and no doubt somewhat mystified) bystanders are welcome to read.
It's that time of year again. 

Judy 1989On October 15, 1989, my sister Judy died, a month and a half before her seventeenth birthday.  It was a suicide.  After twenty-three years I still don't have an answer for the question of why this happened.  It could have been undiagnosed depression.  It may have been a momentary impulse spurred by breaking up with her boyfriend.  Then again, there's a chance it was accidental.  Only one person knows for sure, and she can't tell us.

Those of you who remember Judy knew her as a bright, talented, strong-willed and vulnerable girl, someone focused and driven, who cared passionately about the world.  She was at the top of her class in school.  She had a drum set in her room and could knock out a classical piece on the piano like most people clear their throats.  'Wondrous History Project!' would be a typical title she'd choose for an assignment, and her teachers would usually comment that it was wondrous indeed.Bla!

She also liked to write and she was very good at it.  I'm sure that if she'd chosen to be, she would have been a successful author. But then she would have been successful in any career she chose.  I have a stack of stories and articles she kept, and I thought I'd type and post part of one here.  It's nothing serious, just Judy practicing her typing and making herself laugh, which is a nice way to remember her, even if I'm pretty sure that line about Leos smelling like a lion dumped on them was meant for me.  Going by the year, I think she was fourteen when she wrote this.

for the great year of 1987

ARIES:  Aries individuals should be aware of their lucky day this year, March 32.  Beware those with eye-patches and don't go anywhere at all in 87.  Change is eminent in your wardrobe from March to June.  If you are employed, you will have a regular source of income, but if not, hard times are ahead.

TAURUS:  At times, your mischievous nature inspires homicidal tendencies and you should stay clear of all advertisements on TV at 11:00 PM on Thursday advertising food processors.  Little do you know that there is a friend in need of money, if this person makes him/herself known, ignore them.  Good luck for you on days that you receive money.


LEO:  Leo people often smell like a lion dumped on them.  However they are very philosophical.  Whatever you do, don't wear green on the 16th of any month, and be sure to send me 50.00 if you want to be assured of at least one friend in Spring.

VIRGO:  Be very careful around the tenth of May and avoid all persons wielding dangerous weapons.  Since all Virgos are idiots, they will probably not take my advice and end up the worse for it.  Your best days for receiving gifts are the 25th of December and times between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22.


SAGITTARIUS:  You are so smart, talented and terrific that you need no advice.  Good luck to you and those you love and may those you hate suffer.

CAPRICORN:  Why don't you wash your hair at least once a month?  My advice to you is to worship Sagittarians, stay clear of busy roads and don't drink and drive.  On the 18th of April, you will narrowly dodge temptation and buy a computer instead of a microwave.

AQUARIUS:  Your business sense is at its peak in November.  Your sense of humor may be needed when dealing with those annoying Taurus fools. Stay clear of all carpets in September and pick up litter after you miss the garbage can. Let those you love know it with a card from Hallmark.

PISCES:  Pisces persons are disgraceful to be seen with.  Be especially kind to those born in November, and avoid large explosions.  Stay away from blind people and stay near to policemen.

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