Song 59 Duran Duran

Happy New Year!

2013. Year of the Snake (Japanese calendar). Difficult to get excited about this, isn't it? An unlucky numeral and an animal that makes most people squirm. Why did it have to be snakes?

But let's embrace it. Thirteen wouldn't be anyone's first choice when filling out a lotto card, but it's got a certain charm. It's an awkward bollix of a number. It can't be divided. It's sitting there messing up a perfect dozen. It's puberty and pimples and the end of your pristine childhood. It has no luck. It'll have to make its own.

And the snake? Well, we can't be cute little rabbits and loyal dogs and prancing horses every year, right? Sometimes you've got to be a reptile.

Duran Duran - Union of the Snake, 1983

'Give me strength, at least give me a light!' Simon enters his batshit nutso phase of lyric crafting, just as the band is at its most popular. I loved this album (Seven and the Ragged Tiger) even when it confused me, which was pretty much always. 'Shake up the picture, the lizard mixture, with your dance on the Eventide...' goes the beginning of 'New Moon on Monday', my personal favourite. And this one? Twice as bonkers. Wikipedia describes the video thus: 'The clip features the band being tracked through the Australian desert by a half-man, half-snake creature. They eventually take a lift beneath the sands into what appears to be an underground cathedral, where the snake creature and other bizarre characters interact with vocalist Le Bon.' How could you resist? Happy Year of the Snake, all! 

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