Song 53 Men at Work

It's Nuclear Devastation Week!

I decided to do a theme week here on 65 80s songs, in order to win a long-standing argument with a colleague, who will remain nameless except to say that it is Brendan Richardson of White Rock, B.C. (Of course, if you would like to contibute to this argument, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section below.) Mr Richardson has insisted on several occasions that fear of the bomb was not a memorable part of the culture of the 80s, that teenagers back then didn't know or care about nuclear war, and never really troubled themselves about the doom silos hanging over their immaculately coifed little heads.

Not part of the culture of the 80s? Well, sir, I think you'll find that the men from Down Under have got something to say about that!

Men at Work - It's a Mistake, 1983

'Jump down the shelters to get away! The boys are cooking up their guns.' I wonder if the UN was ever informed of Men At Work's opposition to the arms race, and how much more quickly the progress towards peace would have sped in that case. Though I wish Colin Hay, an otherwise fine songwriter, hadn't chosen here to rhyme 'power' with 'towel'. I also wish this were a better song. But hey, I'm trying to win an argument here! Look at the final image! Men at Work just blew up the entire world! Beat that! (Oh, and if you clicked on this expecting to hear the band's big hit...well, I'm not a monster. Scroll down and you shall be rewarded.)

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