Song 47 Duran Duran again

Nuclear Devastation Week Concludes!

Duran Duran - Planet Earth, 1981

'Look, now. Look all around! There's no sign of life.' Yes, this is Planet Earth. You're looking at Planet Earth: a freakin' wasteland! The nuclear devastation element plays out more in the lyrics than the images here, although instead of their usual heavily populated universe, the lads are isolated on some kind of Fortress of Solitude cube in the middle of nothing. Ending a week of destruction on an up note, we don't get to see the earth blow up this time, just bare-torsoed Simon engulfed in flames and some arbitrary factoids about our planet scrolling across the screen. Then a mysterious pair appear at the edge of the cube, dancing a merry jig. One of them sports an extravagent furry hat, meaning that he is...Russian? So the other one's English? And look at how well they're getting along! Well, there might just be some hope for good old Planet Earth after all. But, my God, look at those outfits. Who would have thought that peace would come at such a terrible price?

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