Song 46 Rockwell (with Michael Jackson)

It's Neurotic Weirdness Week!

The 80s were a deeply odd time to be alive. Outside your window there was plague, famine and the spectre of all-annihilating war, and at the same time it was an era that felt right comfy embracing greed, empty display, and relentless, bone-headed optimism. Is it any wonder there were times the culture seemed to go a bit cracker-doodle? And that this would manifest itself like a nervous tick in the normally chipper Top 40?

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me, 1984

'I don't know anymore! Are the neighbours watching me? Or is the mailman watching me?' Poor paranoid Rockwell can't enjoy the comfort of his California mansion because he keeps hallucinating that the place is full of staring weirdos and junk from Halloween shops. Plus he's singing/speaking in a bizarre fake English accent for reasons that only he can understand. And towards the end of the clip, our hero, wearing only a towel, (to be fair, if I looked like that, I'd hardly bother with anything else) imagines that he sees a spectral figure from his balcony beckoning him to jump. To his relief this turns out to be his smiling mailman...but watch out, Rockwell! He has a really weird-looking arm! Thank goodness Michael Jackson arrives at the chorus to inject a breath of sanity into the proceedings. 

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