Song 41 Styx

Neurotic Weirdness Week!

Styx - Mr Roboto, 1983

'I've got a secret, I've been hiding, under my skin...' The song is actually a snippet from a rock opera that never made it - Dennis DeYoung plays Kilroy, the oppressed saviour of rock and roll, who has gone into hiding disguised as a robot. Um, okay. It's weird, but is it neurotically weird? Hell, yes! Take the silly context away and look at this song on its own: here we have a narrator insisting that he looks the same as everyone else, but inside he's different, special, he's terrified of anyone finding out his secret and even says that if he comes out of hiding his life will be in danger. He pleads for self-control, and then starts bursting into foreign languages and claiming to be some sort of messiah. Well, sorry, kiddo, but you just sound a bit mad. I'm also a little embarrassed by Dennis's acting here. Am I too used to post-80s irony? Look at him. The pointing. The eye-rolling. He really means it.

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