Song 35 Squeeze

Squeeze - Last Time Forever, 1985

'I've said goodnight tonight the last time...' Foreeeevveeer! Yes, I used to put this one on the stereo with the volume up and think big, sweeping, cinematic thoughts, in my cluttered, messy, stinky little room. It's that kind of a tune. This was the album you'd buy so that people who really knew the band could sneer at you and say their earlier stuff was way better. And in this case they were right, but I'll always have a soft spot for Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti, and I can easily see Stephen of Cinnamon Toast getting all dreamy-eyed at 15 or 16 listening to this song. Why not? I did. So I'll put this on my imaginary soundtrack with yesterday's offering. I also found an interesting live version. The keyboardist gets all fancy with that piano line. 

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