Song 19 Tom Waits

Tom Waits - Downtown Train, 1985

'Outside another yellow moon, has punched a hole in the night time, yes...' Tom Waits isn't someone I'd automatically associate with the 80s - he seems oddly timeless - but in 1985, this video was my introduction to the man: a soulful, gravel-voiced loony whose body was incapable of forming a right angle, gracefully accepting the dishwater thrown at him from a great height by boxing legend Jake Lamotta. ('Every time there's a fool moon he sings all night long. Theresa, close the window!') Tom was also fond of popping up in 30-second instalments on Muchmusic that summer talking about 'a woman who came down from the sky in a bottle of salad dressing' asking him where the clocks were. He couldn't have done more to endear himself if he'd shown up under my window with a song and an accordion. And check out that dancing! Kind of thing that looks easy to do but impossible to imitate. Although now that I've seen this again...let's just say that I'd better stay off the dance floor for the next year or so, just to be safe. This song was covered by Rod Stewart in 1989, but happily I'd given up on pop music at that stage and was spared the agony. Enjoy. 


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