Song 9 Bronkski Beat

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy, 1984

'Pushed around and kicked around, always a lonely boy...' I knew I'd have to include this one at some point, especially given my main character's orientation. (Just in case I haven't made this clear elsewhere on the site, my beloved protagonist, Stephen Shulevitz, is as gay as...well, as Bronski Beat, though I'm not thrilled about this being used as his defining characteristic, and I'm sure he would be extremely irritated to be introduced in such a way. And for the record he is also impulsive, bright, sarcastic, Canadian and often neglects to clip his toenails.) Revisting this ground-breaking classic video after several years, I can't help but notice the quantity of tea drinking and sandwich eating on display. Comforting, I suppose, that even if the narrative is unquestionably sad, everyone appears to be well fed.

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