Song 7 The Cure again

The Cure - Just Like Heaven, 1987

''Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick. The one that makes me scream,' she said...' Why is this song so good? Just look at what it's survived: over-play, being used as the title of an after-life rom-com with acccompanying 'adult contemporary' cover by Katie Melua, and this frankly underwhelming video, in which our boys half-heartedly mime a performance of the song as they cavort by a cliff top. Still, I love watching them do anything at all, especially Robert - they could have their own channel where they're just sitting around brewing tea and playing board games and I'd be hooked. (Especially if they were playing Operation. I think they'd be good at it.) Most of this video was actually filmed in a studio, with shots of the cliff and sea added later. Hmm. Doesn't it look familiar? You think they would have learned to stay away from there, given what happened the last time.


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