News for March

res-Janet Cameron Cinnamon Toast tour - with Suzanne in Eason Dublin Airport 080313News for March

res-009Well, first of exists! Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World is printed and in stores all over Ireland. I'm overwhelmed. In fact I'm going a bit mad. The book's also a big hit in my apartment, largely because the top of the box provides a pleasant place to sleep for my roommate Jenny the cat. But let's move on.

Okay, first bit of good news: Easons is featuring Cinnamon Toast as a book club choice for March, which gets it a lovely BFPLQirCIAAa0fTspot in the front of the store. Go, Easons!

I learned at the beginning of March that Cinnamon Toast has been selected as a Bord Gais Energy Book Club choice for April. I'm not sure if this means it'll be on TV3 or just on the website, but either way - fantastic news! It'll be reviewed by broadcaster Rick O'Shea, who frightened me with a Twitter message relating this news a couple of weeks ago.

And today I found out that Dubray Books 20130308 175745has chosen Cinnamon Toast as their recommended read for April! (Or a recommended read? Not sure.) It'll be at the front of the stores in a perpetual ray of sunshine with a heavenly choir singing around it, and will also be in their 'recommended reads' catalogue for all to see and love.

res-Janet Cameron Cinnamon Toast tour - with Kayeligh in Eason Dundrum 080313Meanwhile back in Canada, I've booked my flights for my big tour/family visit in May. Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. I have not visited these places in years. Tearful reunions are in store.

I'll also be doing another 80s song countdown, this time to the Canadian publication date of May 7. I'll be starting on April 3 to make it 35 80s songs. This time it's all-Canadian! Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions.

On April 4, myself and Dublin author res-005and Shakespearean actress Irene Lawlor will be giving a reading for charity at UCD Michael Smurfit Business School, starting at 7 pm. The evening is called Experience Dublin Literature and is in aid of a disabled student who will need some extra financial help in order to continue his studies. The organisation's Facebook page has details. Come along!

I was lucky enough to get more pieces published with I'm very proud of this one, The Rules of Writing, which got quite a response - it was retweeted res-001over 300 times and shared on Facebook 75 times. I usually start feeling smug if I get one or two retweets, so this was fairly astounding. I was also floored to be offered a monthly column with the site. It'll be called The Big Idea (as in, 'Say! What's the big idea?'). Sure hope I can come up with something interesting once a month. I had a write-up about my adventures writing Cinnamon Toast featured on the site as well. Soon to be recycled as one of my blog posts, no doubt.

I finally got my profile up on Goodreads so I can obsessively check the book's stats. I am reassured to see that Sootie the dog has res-008awarded it five stars. I also have a real live review from someone in Canada who got a hold of an advance copy - the first review of Cinnamon Toast on this planet. Chuffed.

And finally, on March 7 I had my 'anti-launch' at Kennedy's Pub across from Pearse station. I made cinnamon cookies and wore gold boots, a sparkly top and a tiara. Guests signed my copy of the book - this was the anti-launch, after all. And though the weather was horrible my fella reckons that we had over fifty people at Kennedy's over the course of the night. Big thanks to res-017everyone who made it! I only remembered I'd brought a camera sometime towards the end of the evening, so there weren't many pictures. I was able to find a few that I liked, though. I regret that I've left out Colm O'Shea in the tiara, but I felt the world wasn't ready for this sight.

I had a fantastic time, even if it meant I was a bit delicate the next day as I visited Easons stores on the M50 highway route to sign stock and try to ingratiate myself with the staff. Did it work? Well, we're all smiling (see pictures below)! Thanks, guys!

So, March! Lousy weather, great news. I hope there'll be more to follow. The news, not the weather.

(Pictures, clockwise:Easons at Dublin airport with Suzanne, Cinnamon Toast at Easons Blanchardstown, (photo sent to me by Michael Kielty, don't know if it's an accurate reflection of sales or just somewhere convenient to put the book), The anti-launch with Edel Corrigan, The anti-launch with Paul Lynch and Rosaleen Flanagan, Easons at Liffey Valley with Robert, Easons at Tallaght with Catherine, Easons at Blanchardstown with David, Easons at Swords with Eibhlin, The anti-launch with Aodhan, My miraculous cinnamon cookies for the anti-launch, Easons at Dumdrum with Kayeligh, a shelf of Cinnamon Toast, Jenny the cat relaxing at home.)res-Janet Cameron Cinnamon Toast tour iwth Eibhlin in Eason Swords 080313res-Janet Cameron Cinnamon Toast tour with Robert in Eason Liffey Valley 080313res-Janet Cameron Cinnamon Toast tour - with David in Eason Blanchardstown 080313res-Janet Cameron Cinnamon Toast tour - with Catherine in Eason Tallaght 080313


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"...astonishingly good....a juicy coming-of-age story...also an important read." The Globe and Mail

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