CND Song 18 Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Smothered Hope, 1984 (Vancouver, B.C.)

As promised, Kristin Amirault is here to give an account of her first ever concert-going experience: Skinny Puppy at the Pub Flamingo in Halifax, a very different night out from Marni's in CND Song 20. Take it away, Kristin!

"The concert was Skinny Puppy at the Club Flamingo on Gottingen St, Halifax,  Friday May 29, 7:30pm. That is what the remainder of my ticket stub says.  It was 1987.  I was 15, shy, naive, and had just begun exploring music beyond Top 40. My friend's father, our Junior High Vice Principal, drove eight of us from Yarmouth to Halifax, and back. He did not attend the show. We tried our best to be and look as cool as the Halifax kids, but I don't think we pulled it off. Waiting for the band to start, we were approached by a girl asking if we had any papers. Clueless, we asked, "What kind of papers?" 

And then there was the show. It was loud, dark, and smokey, and there was blood, lots and lots of blood. The only song I remember was 'Smothered Hope'. It was awesome to hear live and feel the bass pounding in my chest. Most of the night I was unsure of what I was seeing or what to think, especially when a bloody Nivek Oger appeared to be driving a nail into his own skull. And I  was a little nervous when a soldier came on stage, and was shot or shot someone else, I can't really remember which. I wasn't entirely sure what was real. That was my first concert, surreal and thrilling, leaving the eight of us with plenty to talk about on the 3 1/2 hour drive home."

And here are the lads themselves with this jolly romp. Can you believe this started as a side project for Images in Vogue?

 IMG 0894

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