CND Song(s) 12

The Grapes of Wrath - Peace of Mind, 1987 (Kelowna, B.C.)

...and The Northern Pikes - Teenland, 1987 (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

'Why is the world so damn unkind to one so righteous in her mind...'

'Give me a kiss, give me a kiss. I want to find out what I missed...'

Two very different bands, but I remember them being mentioned in the same breath a lot back in the late 80s: up-and-coming young fellas who had their breakout hits in the same year and often ended up following each other on Samantha Taylor's Video Hits. The Grapes were warm and folksy (check out the lovely guitars and harmonies in the opening to 'Peace of Mind'), with really fantastic quantities of springy hippy hair, while the Pikes were sharp-edged and witty, and looked good in tank tops. I saw both in the early nineties, but I only clearly remember the Pikes at the Misty Moon in Halifax, perhaps because they did an ironic Whitney Houston cover which made me laugh. Irony was still a novelty back in 1990.

Here are the Grapes:

 ..and the Northern Pikes:

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