CND Song(s) 5

The Cowboy Junkies - Misguided Angel, 1989 (Toronto, Ontario)

...and The Tragically Hip - New Orleans is Sinking, 1989 (Kingston, Ontario)

'I said, Mama, he's crazy and he scares me, but I want him by my side...'

'Bourbon blues on the street, loose and complete...'

My last double bill here on 35 Canadian 80s Songs. Today the theme is 'almost the 90s' because I associate both of these acts with my disgraceful early twenties rather than my hopeless teenage years. But both bands did get their starts in the last moments of the decade that gave us Glass Tiger, and I wouldn't feel right leaving them off the list. The Junkies have appeared on this site before, but while I agree that they did a haunting version of 'Sweet Jane', it's 'Misguided Angel' that really hits the spot for me in terms of pure truck-stop torch. What a song. And The Hip? Well, you can't really say much more than 'The Hip' while nodding wisely, or at least I can't. 'New Orleans is Sinking' was briefly banned from American radio after Hurricane Katrina, and for some reason it pleases me when Canadians cause controversy. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, of course.

Here's The Cowboy Junkies:

 ...and The Tragically Hip

...and a flyer advertising the Cowboys in concert for the whopping ticket price of four bucks.

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