May 15, 2013calgary-ab-canada1

Yesterday I left the lovely city of Edmonton and took a Red Arrow coach to the lovely city of Calgary. I'd never been here before, but unfortunately, all I can now recall of my first impression of this city is the inside of the Unicorn Pub, where I had a reunion with two fellow Nova Scotians and a nice big plate of perogies.

It was great to meet up with Susan from Bridgetown, who mainly remembered me as being incredibly shy, and Heather (behold her blog!), my first roommate in college, who remembered me as someone whose life revolved around the under-aged purchase of Bacardi rum coolers. Great night. 

Then I had a few beers with the brilliant and deranged Brendan Richardson, my host in Calgary, before collapsing snoring into the couch cushions in a jetlagged stupor. 

photo0143I started the next morning with some visits to bookstores around Calgary to sign stock and try to ingratiate myself with staff. Sometimes this worked more effectively than others, but it was always a thrill to see Cinnamon Toast on Canadian shelves. My companion for the day was the lovely Elizabeth from Hachette, who has been needlessly insecure about her driving since Ian Rankin once (jokingly!) accused her of trying to kill him during a visit to the city several years ago. I went to my first 'bookseller's lunch' with three independent bookstore owners and answered questions about Cinnamon Toast (sometimes I found answers other than 'beats me') while disparaging Kindles and hoping no one would figure out that I had one with me in my purse the whole time. 

Lunch was a lot of fun, but after a big meal in the middle of the day and more bookstore visits, I was plumb tuckered out and, again, collapsed into the couch cushions in a jetlagged stupor.

I like Calgary, stupors aside.

Vancouver's tomorrow! There'll be a reading in the afternoon and a launch in the evening. (See my nice schedule page for details.) Will anyone be there besides me and a stuffed giraffe? Watch this space to find out!


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