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Again, this one is mostly for family and friends, although the interested and the mystified are welcome to read.

And if you've got a Judy story, I'd love to hear it in the comments.

On October 15, 1989, my younger sister Judy died, and we all miss her very much. Judy was an unforgettable person - intelligent, talented, loving, creative and brave. She had boundless energy and drive; I still remember all those notes left around the house signed 'the management'.

She could also get very silly. 

Judy wrote constantly, clacking out sheets and sheets on Mom's electric typewriter in the kitchen, everything from serious stories about loss to fantasy adventure tales. And sometimes she'd just goof off and try to make herself laugh. The Edge of Fright was a series she wrote when she was around 15 to practice typing, making it all up on the spur of the moment. Her 'inspiration' was the lousy soap operas we used to watch and mock. Each weekday we'd waste at least an hour of our lives with Another World or General Hospital, knowing the most entertaining part would come when the actors screwed up their lines, or the villain ended up wearing the heroine's lipstick after a sinister smooch, or on one perfect occasion, after a kissing couple Judy Lisa funny facebroke apart to reveal a thin line of drool still suspended between their faces. I decided to share part of a random 'episode' of The Edge of Fright here, because I like remembering Judy when she was enjoying herself being silly, although she's written a lot of good and serious work which I should also share at some point. But meanwhile, here in fake soap land, Lila receives an unwelcome visitor, Cliff and Poinsetta fall in love, the Folksinging Four come to town, and Jake gets a lead on solving the serial killer case that's been terrorising the city. Who could it be?



A sharp tapping at the window startled Lila from what was already an uneasy sleep. She rose from her bed and stood solidly near the window, hand on her superspy gun she always wore.  The face at the window was a hideous apparation of horror.  She couldn't suppress a harsh gasp.

"It's me, Lila, Leon."

"What the hell are you doing, @#$#@@&?  Why the @#$#@& are you outside my #$@@@** house?" she inquired in a gentle tone, her face the picture of serenity. She reluctantly opened the window, and the ruddy faced elf hopped in.

"Oh, Lila, how can I ever apologize for the misery I've caused you?  If only you knew how I regretted me foolish actions.  All these years...can't you see I only wanted your attention because I respected you?  Huh?  I kiss your feet."  He knelt down, and before he could do such as he planned, Lila kicked him soundly in the jaw, knocking out two of his pearly whites (brushed by his mother, of course).

"You, dear Leon, are an idiot.  But, I know you want my help."

Leon nodded eagerly, clutching his teeth in one tiny hand.

Judy alone girl guide


Jerry was the first up of the Folksinging Four.  He brushed his blond hair neatly into place and left the hotel room, glancing back affectionately at his companions.  Jason slept in the closet, as usual, while dear Petey lay in a drunken stupor.  Mitch was half asleep, singing himself a little lullaby.

It had been a long trip into Port Bay and hopefully the end result would be a good one.  The concert tonight was at Casanova's.  It had been arranged by the group's loyal manager, Jannitea.

Ah, Jannitea.  With her ragged blonde hair and near toothless grin (the result of fending off near frenzied crowds who had attended a F.F. concert), she did not look the part of authoritative company representative.  And she wasn't.  Jannitea was head of her own private management company.  It was quite prestigious, being in charge of such groups as Al's Nosepicking Choir and Little Demons Who Can't Sing Worth a Bobby Pin.  The Folksinging Four considered themselves lucky to be signed with Alcatraz Records.



"I love you!" cried Cliff.  He grinned foolishly, overtaken by the sight of Poinsetta's magnificence.  

He began to throw rocks at her window, forgot it was open already, and succeeded in braining his one true love.  Her finely featured face disappeared from the window as she collapsed.

Judy fiona me matching nighties"Darling, I'm sorry!" he cried.  He raced into the house and found his way to her room.  She lay unconscious on the floor.

"Be mine, sweet Clementine," he murmured, and reached to hold her in his arms.  She was so lovely, so good.

Her porcelain face began to twitch and wonderfully shadowed eyelids fluttered open.

"Where am I?  Who are you?" she inquired.

"Oh my gosh!" cried Cliff, flinging his arms up in surprise.  "You have amnesia!"  Poinsetta's head, deprived of Cliff's supporting arms, clunked to the floor.

"Ouch." she said in dulcet tones.


"Why, Jake, a hand injury, you say?" the Chief pondered this new information for a few seconds.  "There is only one person in this town who has such an injury.  In fact, I saw them only yesterday and their hand was swollen black and blue."

Jake whirled madly, flinging his arms and legs about.  "Who?"

He began leaping madly up and down.  "Who?"

He took a lengthy flight across the room. "WHO???"


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