Part 3 - One Long Night

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(Chapters 14-18)

Most of these chapters take place at a parents-out-of-town party. Here's what it sounded like:



Chapter 15

page 190

"A radio switched on. Somebody fumbled through the stations and then Belinda Carlisle was singing 'Mad About You' on FM 102."

Belinda Carlisle - Mad About You


page 197

"The rec room had filled up. Everybody seemed happier, clumsier, drunk or getting there. A bunch of us were dancing to music from a squeaky-wheeled tape player set on the fake bar counter. It was The Cure. 'A Night Like This'."

The Cure - A Night Like This


page 200

"'Hey! It's my song. One of you dopes get in here and dance with me.'

'Me!' I said. Couldn't miss Lana's song. It had already begun – Siouxsie and the Banshees, 'Cities in Dust'."

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in Dust


Chapter 16

page 210

"In the rec room, a crowd of kids were belting out the chorus to a Duran Duran song from Junior High. I wandered around trying to make sense of it all."

* The name of the song is never mentioned, but for the record, it's this one.

Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday


Chapter 17

pages 224-225

"The Pogues on the tape player joined in with a sing-along chorus fit for a rainy night in the pub, something about beer and whiskey and saying goodbye."

* Again, no title is given, but it's this one.

The Pogues - Sally MacLennane


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