CND Song(s) 24 Kim Mitchell

Kim Mitchell - Go For a Soda, 1985 (Sarnia, Ontario)

'Might as well go for a soda and nobody hurt, and nobody cry! Might as well go for a soda and nobody drown, and nobody die...' Thank you, Mr Mitchell. Revisiting this song and video was one of the most pleasantly daft experiences I've ever had - in fact I could happily keep hitting 'replay' all day. There is something fascinating about watching this goofy slacker kid watching tiny Kim Mitchells prancing out of his TV and then taking over his fridge, offering soda. Was this where Hideo Nakata got the idea for that scene in The Ring? I remember 'Go For a Soda' was all over the radio in '85, but for some reason I thought it was an oldy from the 70s getting a lot of replay. Looks like I was wrong, but no big deal. Might as well go for a soda.

...and Patio Lanterns, 1986

If 'Go for a Soda' was Kim's best known song internationally, this was his biggest Canadian hit. I couldn't make up my mind between the two, and my colleague Leigha Worth had some interesting insights, so you're getting both. (The video's unavailable to me here in Ireland - apologies).

Leigha writes:

"Sarnia Ontario's prodigal son, Kim Mitchell, sang Canada's most popular song of 1986: 'Patio Lanterns'. At that point, I was a miserable little shite wallowing knee deep in teen misery so this sweetly upbeat song wasn't really my cup of tea but I was strangely obsessed with it anyway. Although "Patio Lanterns" made me groan, I wanted to live it and I often imagined myself at that party with some boy trying to get up the courage to kiss me too."

Ah, youth. 'Patio Lanterns' also appears in Chapter 7 of Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World, available in fine book stores in Canada in...let's see...24 days.

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